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  • About Us

    What is Finding Your Neverland?

    Finding Your Neverland LLC is a small organizational camp  dedicated to providing camping and outdoor recreational opportunities within an immersive historical experience for adults and family units. Our organization is comprised of both full time employees and seasonal volunteers dedicated to providing attendees with immersive pirate themed sleepaway camp experiences. 

    Our Objective

    It is our desire to facilitate the education and training of attendees thru practical hands-on curriculum, exercises, and activities using Old and New World skills, trades, and ideals. It is our hope to impress upon participants the beauty of simple sustainable communities and a love of history through a back to basics nature program. It is our objective to show people the flaws that exist in our modern world and how the occasional untethering from our modern world is not only healthy but necessary. It is our mission to save old world skills and trades and utilize them to demonstrate how technology and the stressors of the modern world as we know it have potential negative impact both on our population and our planet. 

    Make us Your Neverland

    We hope to encourage the promotion and implementation of an Old World perspective on our existing modern world with the hope that upon completion of their stay with us individuals would take the knowledge gleaned from their personal experiences back into the modern world and do what they can to change the world for the better.We look forward to providing an exciting break from reality for anyone who needs it. 

    We believe in the importance of outdoor education and skill building for both children and adults alike and see our service as a value to our community. We are here to serve each other, to serve as stewards of our planet, and contribute to broadening the scope and accessibility of pirate-themed recreational opportunities to anyone who would make our organization their Neverland.